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All you need to know about designing a website

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Generate sales leads

Make sure your web presence generates a real return. This chapter gives you the ‘inside information’ to make sure you are sweating every opportunity available to you online.

Craft your killer sales message

Your web presence has a maximum of 30 seconds to connect with the casual browser. I will share the top 5 tactics that instantly create a profound connection that will give you an immense advantage over the competition.

Prepare your sales page

Your landing page is either making you money or costing you money. Find out how to ensure you attract interest & sustain it via the opening look of your website.

Engage your website visitors

You will discover the methodology to generate user engagement that most online presence can dream of. These are the tactics that will completely alter the profitability of your business.

Generate more leads

Get the methods to double the number of leads that your website creates. This book delivers a wealth of ideas that will give you clear method to drastically improve your web site performance.

Build recurrent turnover

Create an experience where your customers will want to return & return & return again. Repeat customers are far more easier to do business with than new ones. This publication shows you the way to remain the number one choice for your existing customer base.

Limited offer. Pre-order Now to get 30% off
It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new author who is rapidly being recognised as a thought leader in the field of Neuromarketing. For the last 10 years Alex has been designing & optimising the web presence of global enterprise from fast selling products in China to international non-profit organisations. At long last Alex is putting his thinking into print. If you read one publication regarding your website design make sure that it is this one.
Kenneth C. Bathor

Kenneth C. Bathor, MBA

CEO of Bator Training & Consulting, Inc

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Limited offer. Pre-order Now to get 30% off